The Best Way To Get Las Vegas Comps

In the previous times, Las Vegas really took care of its players. That is what you see in most of the films. My favorite take on the “player” was from the films Swingers-you’re so money.

It’s not sufficient to simply go and play. You will go undetected until you’re dropping tens of tens of thousands in a single area. Casinos are huge places and no one in the Craps pit will know which you played $10,000 on video poker unless you do it right.

Your first step-before spending one dime in a casino-would be to get a player’s card. I don’t know of one casino that does not have one these days. You may get a player’s card in the redemption facility. Simply ask anyone that works for the casino and they will point the way.

A player’s card is actually a small credit card looking thing. They take all your info (name, address, birth date, etc) and make an account for you personally. After you have a player’s card all of your activity is logged to that particular account. Aside from possible comps and bonuses, these cards are excellent for tax time. You’ll have the ability to get a print from the triumphs and losses. And it is a third-party source, so it is strong for the IRS.

Using the player’s card is very simple. Let’s say you are going to partake in some fun video poker action. Each machine will have a little card slot on the front. Merely enter your card, await the confirmation that it is accepted, and play. Remember to leave your card in the slot when you play and remember to take it with you when you leave. In case you lose it, they will only give you another one.

When you go to the tables, itis somewhat different procedure. They’ll read the card and then rate your play. Now that you are “in the device,” you can request comps or earn them via bonus programs. Anyone can now pull up your account and find out what you have been playing. There is no need to prove it anymore.

It’s definitely worth the couple of minutes to get a person ‘s card for each casino you visit.

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